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Graphics and Model Innovator


Originating from the French Alps, Msr. Desnoyers was taken, in traditional small alpine village tradition, at age 2 from his family and brought to the prestigious graphics Academie de colour. Trained in the arts of color theory and classic seduction Msr Desnoyers is the head of international relations for Manifest.



Graphics Expert and Experience Mapper



An expert in graphics and experience mapping, Dr. W has no origin or home known of, constantly traveling the globe in order to cultivate the widest range of experiences known to man. Versed in 60 dead languages and religions most refer to as, pre-nomadic.


The W has no meaning. 


Production Synthesis and Content Design 



Chelsea Hultman is, in a word, Power. Raised in Pheonix, AZ Chelsea Hultman draws her raw power and directed aggression from the land of Sedona, known to be the source of all natural power to man. She is the leader, not by vote, but by pure necessity. 


Experience Description and Proposal Deduction 


Sophie Heywood is the Earth, Wind, and Rain. She is our global connection manager, communicating messages from the earth to Manfiest's team. Sophie took a break from the common world for 5 years to explore the forests and peaks of the earth. Her latest education brought to the team was from the wolf pack of the Appalachian mountains. 

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