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An Interactive Theory 

Find Fanon! Is an interactive experience game designed to educate users in the theories of Frantz Fanon. The game, based in the ARIS platform is a redesigning of the Theory Comix book, Fanon for Beginners. The game is based geographically for the Madison, WI area and is projected to launch in Spring of 2014. 



ARIS was chosen for Find Fanon! with the intention that the plaform's story telling aspect would demand a personal connection from the users. Through this connection users will learn the theories intended in what is hoped to feel a designed effect rather than a forced outcome of the adventure and role users wil participate in. 

Inspired by the pillars of the Manifest ethos we have adapted the computer game design platform, ARIS (Augmented Reality and Interactive Storytelling), injecting affect and experience into theory and philosophy. 

The FInd Fanon! Interactive Experience was based in translating the philosophy and theories of Frantz Fanon, as based in the book Fanon For Beginners, written by Debroah Wyrick. The book is one piece of the theory comix series, graphic novels that work to make various philosopher's teachings reachable to the everyday reader. 

The main goal for Manfiest was to create an interactive game that translated not only the theories, but specifically the experience of the book. With graphics and comics lining the pages of this publication, Manifest created a game that would likewise be bursting with energy, color, and liveliness to capture the users in the same way that the book captures readers compared to an otherwise conventional philosphy text. 

The ARIS platform's GPS and location system is based in Google Maps, allowing the designer ultimately no global limitation regarding the location of their gamers experience. Find Fanon! was chosen, with this in mind, to be based in the city of Madison. The team specifically chose a city that primary users would be familiar with. Having already created, explored, and lived in this location users would be primed pscyhollogically to build and create new memories and decisions while using Find Fanon! Ultimately setting up an experience that allows complete mental comfort and base for working mentally, thus having users leave with their own developed learning experience. 

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