Past Projects

ARIT: Theory Experience

A current project of Manifest, working to create an interactive real-time game that communicates to users the philosophies of Frantz Fanon,  an Afro-French psychiatrist, philosopher, revolutionary, and writer focused in post-colonialism. Working with the creators of ARIS, an open-sourced interactive gaming platform, Manifest is focused to make a geographically, mentally, and user friendly atmosphere with the intention of finding an innovative platform for the education and communication of philosophy to a wide range audience. 




ARAMIS Museum Exhibit

In Winter 2014 Manifest was hired to design a museum exhibit that reshaped the information, experience, and user design of the book ARAMIS or Love and Technology written by Bruno Latour. The exhibit was designed to reinterpret the experience of Latour's book and recreate that experience in those who came to the exhibit. The ARAMIS exhibit created a relationship between upcoming and state of the art technological resources and classic elements that demonstrated the identity of the book's content. 



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